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Looking after your instrument on a regular basis ensures a consistent reliable performance.

Follow the simple tips below to help make your instrument a joy to play.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need some advice.

1.Check your rods, screws and springs.

Check your rods, screws and springsKeep a small screwdriver in your case and regularly check your rods and screws, if a rod or screw works it way out it will throw the key out of place causing the key to leak.


Check springs are in place a small crochet needle is good for pushing the spring back in place.

2. Oil keys when needed.

Oil keys when neededPut a DROP of oil on all the main pivot points and rollers, there is no need to over oil your sax just as and when its needed. Minicraft make a good hypodermic style key oiler with good quality oil.

3. Wipe your pads..

Wipe your padsUse a paper towel place to wipe excess moisture of pads. When not playing place a piece of laminated card under your C sharp key this also opens the G sharp key and helps to prevent the G sharp key sticking.


For persistently sticky pads I recommend cleaning the pad and tone hole with lighter fluid, apply the lighter fluid with a cotton bud or pipe cleaner (For safety reasons do not use the lighter fuel near a naked flame).


I have to admit that I've yet to find a foolproof answer to the problem of sticking pads but I know that taking time to clean your pads and toneholes does help..

4. Wash your crook.

Wash your crookThe crook can be a source of problems on your sax dirt quickly builds up, this can make your sax sharp. Run warm water through it once a month followed by a neckbrush

(I recommend a brush not a pullthrough).


With a clean crook your sax will play freer, easier and will smell better.

4. Find a good qualified repairman!

Find a good qualified repairman!With years of experience and equal amounts of passion for well prepared instruments, John will make sure your investment remains perfect to the touch and ear.